Thursday, November 19, 2009

Iverson is the answer to what Cleveland needs right now!

Iverson if you are listening out there do not I will say it again like I said it with Memphis do not sign with New York. That team is a joke and a mess. They want to sell tickets and create a buss because thier experiment is not working. You are better than that man. Have the patiences and let the Cavs come calling.

The big three Cleveland. Lebron, Shaq, and AI. Cleveland you need to do this and Iverson needs to do this. Danny Ferry don't be afraid to win. This would guarantee your team a championship this year. If you guys embrace this guy he would be willing to come in with the second unit and you let him know you want him to get twenty off the bench if he can. Right now Cleveland can not hold a lead when Lebron is out of the game. That's a major problem.

You can have Iverson even start some games. West is going to be suspended by the league or end up serving some jail time or both in the near future. Parker is the big guard they needed and Moon can play small forward and Lebron can defend shooting guards. You can actually play Mo Williams and Iverson at the same time. Iverson is the answer to Clevelands lack of scoring when Lebron is not in the game.

All of the pundits are just that pundits. Iverson can still score 20 points  a game and he is good for 7 to 8 assist if there is someone else on the floor that can play basketball. He is still quick enough to get anywhere on the floor. Detroit was a joke last year. The truth came out that Michael Curry should not have been coaching that team even Rip concurred with what Iverson said about the coach.

Cavs don't be fooled if things end real badly for the team this year Lebron may be gone. Iverson on Cleveland scares everybody in the league. If Boston was willing, not only willing but pursuing Rasheed Wallace to improved there chances then Cleveland has to make this move and let everyone in the league know that they are serious about winning it all.

Bring Iverson in and let him be Iverson when he is in the game without Lebron and when he is in the game with Lebron teams would have to pick there poison because both can get to the cup.

A little Video tribute for the big three in Cleveland.

A look at Iverson Highlights

The king. The real big three.

Danny Ferry don't sleep get your own big 3 plus MO and win a ring.

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